treaclemoon does more than just creating a good mood!

We take responsibility

Above all, treaclemoon loves smiling faces. That’s why we invest lots of love, time and energy into the development of our feel-good products. It’s not enough for us to only put a smile on the face of our fans. We want more! We want to take responsibility for our environment, for the future of our children and for people who have less reason to laugh.

Some may say the most famous smile in the world is that of Mona Lisa. But - let’s be honest - that cheerful, gap-toothed smile of children is a million times more beautiful! That’s why we keep the environment and it’s future firmly in sight, all so that our children and grandchildren can smile just as toothless and carefree as a baby on a diaper package.

We also look for alternatives if we aren’t entirely comfortable with an ingredient. It may be that a particular substance is more-so harmful to the environment or there is reasonable suspicion to believe that it may be damaging to health, of which is anything but funny. Just like animal tests, which we - as well as ingredients obtained from animals - completely renounce.

We have many reasons to happily go through life. We are doing well, we are healthy and successful and we want to give a little of that to those who are less fortunate. This is why we are committed specifically to disadvantaged children who did not have the good fortune of growing up in a secure family. The smiles on these children mean a great deal to us!

Clemens Maria Foster Home

Regular Donations

To us, social responsibility is a matter of course. After all, we are in the fortunate position of being able to return some of our success. Since our establishment, we regularly donate in support of the work of the Clemens Maria Foster Home in Putzbrunn near Munich.

Our contributions made in the hope to help make the lives of around 140 children at the Clemens Maria Foster Home a little better and help implement ideas that are beyond necessity. Most of the children in care are so-called ‘social orphans’, whose parents are unable to fulfill their duty of care, often due to drugs, alcohol or mental illness.

The Clemens Maria Foster Home has existed for over 90 years. During this time it has evolved from a home for war orphans into a modern special educational institution with differentiated forms of care.

Health and Environment

Renouncing parabens & silicones

Hardly anything is more debated in the industry than the health effects of parabens and the burden on the environment by silicones. Some make them sound trivial, while others spread panic. We’d prefer to make a stance and completely do without parabens and silicones in all of our products.

No one disputes; Parabens make cosmetic products more durable and silicones make your skin and hair look smoother. But what about the risks? What are the implications for health and the impact on the environment?

Parabens are suspected of causing allergies and impact hormonal balance. Silicones do not have a care effect in themselves but rather prevent the natural skin regeneration. And to top it off, they are a problem for the environment.

treaclemoon decides, rather than participate in the general debate. That’s a lot more fun! Some ingredients can even be replaced by natural substances with an additional nourishing effect.