Having fun is more beautiful

Our Mission

We know that true beauty comes from inside, but we also know that a good mood is a fabulous addition - and healthier, more effective and faster than all cosmetic surgeons in the world combined. A happy smile makes any face much, much more beautiful in the blink of an eye! It’s like a sparkling glitter powder of inner values. And that's why the products of treaclemoon are not only effective care products that caress and flatter the skin, but also fragrant-intensive, funny-colored feasts for the eye and contagiously charming.

Who has invented it?

Our History

treaclemoon [ˈtri:kəl̩:mu:n] was invented and introduced for the first time in 2007 in England. The name is a composition of “treacle” and “moon”. Treacle is syrup, molasses or sugar beet juice and represents the luxurious and velvety texture and irresistible scents of the brand. The moon symbolizes the happy and carefree world treaclemoon wishes to open for you every day.

treaclemoon was launched on the German-speaking markets in 2013 and in the Netherlands in 2014. The three bath and shower gels “the raspberry kiss”, “my coconut island” and “one ginger morning” rapidly conquered the hearts of their new fans in Germany and Austria. Since then, a number of new fragrances and additional toiletries such as body lotions, body scrubs and body sprays appeared on the market on a regular basis and in rapid succession.

Us at Vendoleo GmbH in Munich, founded in 2011, launched these products in the German-speaking countries. We are tirelessly working to meet the needs of the ever-growing treaclemoon fan base, to develop new fragrance miracles and to launch more product categories.

treaclemoon products are available at selected drugstores: see list below.

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